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Meet Our Staff


Mica Morningside brothers

Mike, Tim and Ant (three brothers) manage Morningside Hardware. Mike monitors and oversees the day-to-day buying and manages the staff. Tim is incredible with systems, he ensures that IT runs flawlessly and implements processes day-to-day for the smooth running of deliveries and returns. He is also our electrical whiz. Ant, a Civil Engineer, is incredibly handy and has a vast knowledge of building supplies - one of the best. He also manages all the building and truck maintenance.


Mica Morningside Yard

A team of 10 guys run the yard operations. They are incredibly capable, can cut wood and knows the products well. Each one has their area of specialty and responsibility. James specialises in cutting wood and assists in finding practical solutions for your wood projects, Andries (or Springkaan as we like to call him) is a skilled forklift driver and assists immensely in maintaining the warehouse and ensures deliveries are correctly loaded and packed. Papa Joe and MacDonald are the shop’s drivers, and they are there to deliver anything to you. They also spend a lot of time collecting stock from suppliers.


Mica Morningside Recieving

Lucky, Merry and Elsie work as a team in receiving. This is the main control area of the business where all new stock purchases are inputted, labelled and then packed onto the shelves or into storage. This is the heart of receiving and they endeavour to make the checkout process as smooth as possible for you.

Floor Sales Team

Mica Morningside Sales

Wayne, who has been with hardware for over 20 years heads up the sales team. While all the staff have a huge product knowledge of all the shop's line items, each section is managed (merchandising, ordering, product mix and more) by a dedicated person. In the paint section, your contacts are, Sean, Lawrence, Thato or Max. Keys, locks, door handles and small fittings, Sean, Justice, Rajan, Edwin and Samuel are your guys. For power tools, accessories and torches, Max and Samuel are brilliant. Tyson runs the plumbing section and is incredibly knowledgeable in this department. For all tapes and adhesives speak to Thato, and Justice they are also your contacts for monitors, audio and television accessories which they know incredibly well. Lawrence will ensure your pool stays blue, Mosey runs the gardening section, and finally Renier manages all tile and floor care. You will find Cosmos, who manages all the door and window sill ordering, and Warren, who is mostly in charge of chasing away hawkers, on the sales floor.

Till ladies and support staff

Mica Morningside Tills

The ladies on the tills (Mina, Helen, Sylvia) are overseen by Diana (or GoGo as we call her affectionately). These ladies are well trained and know the products and codes extremely well, (making sure when you are buying half cut pieces of wood and 0.5mm piping vs 0.6mm, they know what is going on). Queen is the tea lady and makes sure all the staff are well fed at lunch time - she takes care of everyone! She also assists with cleaning when required.

Admin and Accounting

Admin and accounting is headed up by Michele. Together with Rebecca and Tubby (her elves), this team runs the show from an accounting perspective, managing all the creditors and debtors as well as supporting other admin responsibilities like insurance, human resources, uniforms etc.

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