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Comprehensive offering in protective coatings from a wide variety of suppliers like Plascon, Dulux, Prominent, Xylazel, Woodoc, Duram, Gripseal, Flash Harry, ABE, Nova, Pollycell, Hamilton, Acadamy and Trade Mark etc. From your general interior and exterior PVA’s for walls, to special coatings for ceilings, skirtings and doors and other finishes in your house. Broad range of wood varnishes, sealers and preservers. Paint for roofs, gutters and your metal work. Decorative oils and paints for decoupage and art projects. You name it and we will have a solution. This is of course offered alongside an equivalent broad range of brushes, rollers, spray guns, masking tapes, drop sheets, sand paper, turpentine, thinners, crack fillers, water proofing products etc.

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