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Wide variety of tapes which include double sided, self-adhesive, packaging, masking, non-slip, aluminum, cloth / duct tapes from Sellotape, Henkel, Eurocell and 3M. Our glue range includes super glues, clear Bostick, wood glues, glues for other materials such as plastics, glass and metal like Q-bond, wall paper pastes, epoxys from Bostick and Pratley. Construction adhesives from Sika and ABE. Genchem’s contact adhesives range. Silicone and filler foams as well as a number of different fillers from Alcolin and Soudal. A wide variety of plastic and stainless steel self-adhesive hooks and doorstoppers from Permoseal and Inofix. Self-adherent numbers, letters, warning and safety signs.

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