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Thursday, October 29, 2015

This year has been a very dry start to summer. We have many solutions to make your watering/irrigation easy and effective without spending a fortune. This is a fantastic and easy DIY project.

  • Three things to do and we will design you a simple inexpensive system.
  • We do not recommend a time automation at this stage – it is for a professional installer or a very hands on DIY type.
  1. Measure the pressure of your taps. Time how long it takes to fill up a 10 litre bucket. This will give us the amount of litres per minute.
  2. Draw a rough diagram of the areas you wish to irrigate (see the example below) – marking where the tap points are in the garden. Remember to indicate obstructions like driveways, paths, pools, walls etc.
  3. Always work back from the furthest point you wish to irrigate towards your taps.
  4. Bring in your diagram and pressure measurement. Give us a couple of days and we will supply you with a layout design and quote for all the products.

  • Sprinklers are determined by:
  1. Water pressure
  2. Height of shrubbery
  3. Pop ups for lawns
  4. Normally max of 20 meters per run with a maximum six heads of 3mm per run.

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