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The exchange rate and Hardware prices in SA

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The massive decline in the exchange rate has started to affect the price of 80% of Hardware products. Even locally manufactured product has imported components which have resulted in price increases ranging from 10% to 30%.

By the end of March the average increase in imported products will be between 35% and 50% more expensive. This is going to have massive implications for trading – for example there will be a lack of choice and stock outs on a wide scale going forward.

The margin squeeze on importers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will result in many business failures. Add the ineptitude and reluctance of SARS to repay VAT input claims; this has become a form of widespread extortion.

In the light of these new challenges we have bought in large quantities of high value imported product at 2015 rate and are prepared to offer some of these products at NEVER to be REPEATED prices

  1. De LONGHI Gas Heater @R1699.00
  2. WEBER Q3200 Braai including Cart @R9500.00 (not to be mistaken for Q3000 model)
  3. WEBER 57cm Master Touch Premium  @R3999.00 in Crimson & Slate Blue
  4. WEBER Bible cookbook @ R250.00 (Fantastic Gift)
  5. BOSCH Drill PSB500RE @ R499.00
  6. BOSCH Angle Grinder 2000W GWS230 @ R1299.00
  7. SKIL Angle Grinder 600W  115MM @ R360.00
  8. SKIL Drill 500W 13MM Chuck @ R360.00
  9. OXIRITE EXTREME water based 4L metal paint 15m2 per litre, 4L = 60m2   direct to rust primer, undercoat and top coat all in one.   Colours: Forged Black, Satin Black, Satin White, Satin Dark Green   Drying time one hour - job finished in a day.   Normal Price @ R1499.00  Special @ R1100.00
  10. Xylazel Woodcare Products all LESS 10% - 7 Year life - Nano-Tech - Degrades to a powder - Never sand again

TEAK OILS, 3 UV Resistant Colours – TEAK, HONEY, CLEAR
  • MADEX - Wood Sealer & Stain – Water Based, available in 8 Wood tones & White
  • SOL – Wood Sealer & Stain – Solvent Based, available in 6 Wood tones
  • DECKING – Water Bourne sealer 60m2 per 5L coverage, available in 2 colours

 These products are specified for World Heritage Sites

Please come in to discuss your Woodcare needs.



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