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Veggie gardens

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

With the ever increasing cost of food, growing your own vegetables is both economically sensible and creatively satisfying.
The high price of vegetables has made many more gardeners keen to grow their own veggies. Veggies that can still be sown for harvesting before winter are beetroot, carrots, lettuce and spinach. Crops like broad beans, peas, broccoli, cabbage as well as cauliflower will be ready for picking towards the end of winter or early spring.

Herbs are a tasty addition to cooking and varieties such as coriander, rocket, basil and chives will thrive in late summer conditions. For salad variations add fresh horse radish & mustard plant leaves for a tangy salad mix.

A cause of seedlings dying off after germination is a fungus disease called “Damping off “ – we recommend fungicides as a purchase together with the seeds. Margaret Roberts Organic Fungicide is a great green product. Boost growth with Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharge- feed weekly.

Other products related to growing vegetables more successfully can be discussed in store for example:
1. Build boxes out of bricks and cover with a metal frame, see picture.
2. Cover vegetables with 40% shade cloth for frost protection and birds.
3. Use stakes and trellis for tomatoes and other climbing veggies.

We have all the materials in store to help you build and design your own special veggie patch.
Be creative – think out of the box.
Please send pics of your special veggie patch creations!!!

Next blog is a comparison of heaters and heating methods, all the pros and cons. Just in time for what I think will be a chilly winter.

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